We offer different services depending on our role as an agency or intermediary. We also categorize our guidance and services by whether they’re for athletes or clubs.

For athletes

General athlete guidance

With general guidance we mean we can provide many home situation support services such as finding suitable housing, schools for children, assist in setting up contracts with utility service providers etc. etc. for the athlete. In our opinion an athlete can only achieve the maximum out of his/her career if he/she can fully focus and when he/she is not distracted by side issues.

Contract negotiations

CONECTO SPORTS acts as an intermediary during contract negotiations to ensure the athlete signs a competitive agreement that takes his/her personal interests into account. In our opinion both parties (the athlete and club) should be satisfied with the drafted contract. This means that we represent the interests of our athlete, but also that we take the clubs possibilities into account.

Transfer negotiations

Through our network we can find a new club for our players (transfer). Also players from outside can benefit, we operate as an intermediary, for example on request for a player or an agent.

Career planning (course of action)

At CONECTO SPORTS we find it important that an athlete becomes aware of the fact that you can (at least for a part) plan your career. We provide guidance on planning a course of action, which enables the athlete to set concrete goals that will help him/her in his/her career development. Periodically we will evaluate if the goals we set up with the athlete are reached and if not, what could be the reason(s) (unrealistic goals, injuries etc. etc.).

PR- & media advice

For an athlete it is important how people in his environment thinks about him. Think of supporters/fans, staff/employees of the club and teammates. Giving interviews on television or talking with journalists is part of the job. We guide athletes and give advice in how to deal with the Media.

Athlete marketing

Athlete marketing and branding are relative new terms in the world of sports. However, the increasing commercialization of the global world of sports has made their roles more crucial. CONECTO SPORTS guides and provides advice for athletes concerning their own brand and the development of a brand to its full potential.

Legal, fiscal and financial assistance

For an athlete it is important to get assistance in legal, fiscal and financial affairs. We provide this and assist athletes when needed with their accounting and tax returns. We have experts in the field of legal, fiscal and financial affairs.

After an active sports career

What should an athlete do after his/her active career? Often people say that athletes get stuck in a rut because they don’t have any idea what to do next. We can provide guidance on (advanced) training and education options or how to obtain a trainer/coach license.

For clubs


As a sports agency we have athletes under contract but we also represent the interests of athletes through mandates from their management. Besides that clubs can contact us if they have specific requirements (for example a player for a specific position). We can start a search within our international networks on the basis of a number of criteria provided by the club (for example: position, age, minimum/maximum length, nationality, right/left/two-legged, maximum salary, maximum transfer fee, etc. etc.).

Cultural guidance

When a club already has an athlete under contract from another country or culture or is on the verge of signing an athlete and they can’t provide someone who can guide the athlete (or focus on the cultural differences between a club and athlete), the club can contact us. We provide a service to bring the cultural differences in an overview. Our guidance is only limited culturally. This means that the athlete has someone else as his agent/manager.

Cultural guidance is important because it prevents a clash of cultures because that can lead to the dysfunction of an athlete at a club and therefore the athlete won’t be able to reach his full potential. This form of guidance is always in twofold; the athlete should adapt to the values and cultures (and learn the language) in the country where he is playing and the club should empathize in the culture of the player in question. This way there is a mutual understanding and the player can adapt more easily and feel at ‘home’ so he/she can focus on his career.

Collaboration/sharing of knowledge

We have a network where we can make appointments between clubs (from different countries) to discuss about partnerships, sharing of knowledge, organizing a friendly match, training-camps and other business.


We have an international extensive network in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and in South America. CONECTO SPORTS has contacts at clubs, with agents/sport agencies and also directly with players. We can facilitate between clubs and our network.