About us

The team of CONECTO SPORTS consists out of two owners and several partners. We operate as an agent or intermediary for athletes or clubs. The owners manage the everyday policies at CONECTO SPORTS. The partners have a supporting and advicing role.

Network & partners

The world of sports is all about connections. We have an extensive international network (containing sports agencies, intermediaries, agents, scouts, managers/employees at clubs and ex-athletes) who operate from most continents in the world. Furthermore we have several partners who contribute at CONECTO SPORTS.

What we do


CONECTO SPORTS is an agency and an intermediary for athletes. We guide, in its broadest sense, athletes, so they can achieve the optimum out of their career. We have an extensive international network (transfer to foreign competition) and experts of mental coaching, financial- and legal business and we also provide in life after the top-class sport career.

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The football market in recent years has changed a lot. For clubs its getting more difficult to find quality players who are feasible.

CONECTO SPORTS has a network in countries like Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and France. Also we have an extensive network in South America. There are some talented players, youth internationals and players with a double nationality (EU-passport).

We have the network and the expertise to locate quality players, to negotiate between clubs and to guide the player if necessary.

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Mission, vision & method


We want, with our backgrounds in mind, to connect clubs and players who want to do their utmost best and who are motivated to make the most of their careers.


For us it’s important that there is perspective. This means that a player can develop at the club and the club in question should benefit from a talented and above all motivated player who signed a contract not only for the money but wants to make the most of his career.

Norms & values

As a sports agency we have certain norms and values we abide by. Honesty, clearness and transparency are important to us.

Club profiles

Every player we offer to a club receives in beforehand a club profile. We provide the player with information about the country, the city, the competition, statistics and info about the club. Only when the player indicates that he is interested we shall offer him to the club.


We can provide a mandate for every player we offer to a club. The mandate will be signed by the player or his agent.

Feasibility transfer

Clubs can expect from CONECTO SPORTS that if a player is offered to them, the player is interested in the club. Of course we take into account the player’s salary indication. That is why we offer only players to clubs who they can afford according to the pay grade at the club in question.